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TECHNOPORT-BV is a company registered in the Netherlands with its core activities as a petroleum storage terminal for bulk liquids, located in the Port of Rotterdamn in The Netherlands. The core activity of is the safe storage and handling of a wide range of petroleum and petrochemical products. TECHNOPORT-BV has a strong focus on safety, sustainability, reliability and customer service. We can process multiple tasks frm one or several clients at a giving time due to our vast resources, our proffesional staffs wil always provide you with the best of thier assistance. Our storage capacity is over 1,200,000 cubic meters in 48 tanks, ranging from 10,000 to 82,000 m3, which are suitable for the storage of fuel oils such as mazut m100, Marine Fuel, Diesel D2, also gas oils such as Liuified natural gas and Liquified Petroleum Gas and biofuels. TECHNOPORT-BV has initiated several expansion programs to increase the storage capacity of the Tank Farm. TECHNOPORT-BV is an independently operated company offering its customers safe and reliable logistics services in the form of storage and transhipment, primarily for crude oil, refined petroleum products, bio fuels and petrochemicals. TECHNOPORT-BV currently wholly owns and operates several storage terminals with a total capacity over 2.6 million cubic meters globally. The corporate headquarters are located in The Netherlands. Our terminals benefit from deep water access and excellent hinterland connection via seagoing vessel, barges, rail, road and pipeline. All of our sites have expansion possibilities and the plning and development have been put to work.